Welcome to Will and Weaves.

We are a luxury and bespoke goods online store-The one in its own kind. It is our mission to create happiness and joy through our portal and you hop again as customer satisfaction is what we believe makes us grow!

We pride ourselves with an emphasis on luxury, elegance and quality with signature, bright colors, intricate graphics and patterns. Our products are perfect to be used by the recipient around the home as decorative pieces or storage or can be gifted. We stand by our name Will and Weaves which means Your Will – We Weaves.

The Founder – Sandeep Makhija

Sandeep Makhija, owner and founder of will and weaves first felt the need of starting this business personalized and exquisite for the people around the globe when he observed that working for more than 6 years with Amazon and EBay was not building the synchronization between the two parties. After all, the need for expertly curated, flawlessly executed, on-brand gifting and decoration needs exists in all areas of life, both personal and professional. We value flawless execution and sound logistics as much as we do appearance. From start to finish, our clients are completely stress-free knowing their need is not merely just a necessity, but also safely off in capable hands!
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